DIY party flagline ( my girls’s birthday)

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My darling girl just turned six. We had a little celebration, it was a DIY party set up.

This is my first DIY party flagline. Yellow  and white polka dots make a cheerful colour combinations  and  I think it is best for making kids party flagline. First of all, cut out a triangle using cardboard. Use it as a template to trace the shape on the cloth. I used double layer for each flag because my material was too thin.

Then, sew it along a ribbon .   A very simple but lovely party set up for Apple Cheeks’s birthday.

Mini chocolate cupcake is her favourite. I prepared these lovely mini cakes for her instead of a fanciful birthday cake. Besides, it was just the right size for kids to take as dessert. I think it was very sweet to put those cakes on the stand.

I am six now!

Little sweet pea was not well that day but she was cheered up by the party.

Happy Birthday to the apple cheeks girl. It was a last minute party idea. I can’t make a princess theme for you this year (as all little girls wish to have). I will try to do it next year…hopefully ! Mommy and daddy love you and little sweet pea always.

…apple cheeks was with LovelyDIY since she was two. She inspired me in DIY and she loves crafts.

Love always,


(DIY 乐)


Felt butterfly hair pin

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1. Cut out the shapes using felt, as shown in the photo.

2. Glue the cut out felts to form a butterfly.

3. I decorated the butterflies with tiny ribbon roses and beads. You can also use cute colorful buttons. It will be lovely.

Hademade blue felt butterfly hair pin for my dear little sweet pea.

Have a nice day!


(DIY 乐)

DIY mother’s day gift- Flower brooch

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My childhood friend Helena Wong came for a visit yesterday. She brought me some lovely laces and unique DIY accessories. Wasn’t she so sweet?  We had a great time exchanging some awesome DIY craft ideas.  So, we came out with a light and classic flower brooch. It is very simple, check the tutorial below. You can make a lovely one as a mother’s day gift.

A 30cm cotton lace.

Stitch along the bottom of the lace as shown in the picture.

Use hot glue to paste the pin on

I finished the flower brooch by adding a peal at the center of the flower.

Isn’t it lovely?

…or  pin it on the necklace, scarf or hat as an accessory.

Try make one today!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.


Erica- LovelyDIY –

Fabric Flower Tutorial

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As I promised in my previous post (DIY head band, I am now updating the tutorial for fabric flower.

Material : Felt, scissor, thread and needle.

I love felt craft especially felt flower. You can easily create many beautiful and lovely flower patterns with felt. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the fraying edge.


Step 1

Cut out five “petals” from a piece of felt cloth. They should be about two inches.







Thread together all the felt petals. A thread is sewn through the bottom edge of the felt petal (as shown).







Pull the thread tight, so that the felt gathers together to form the flower. You can add a button at the center of the flower. Isn’t this lovely? Hope you will like it.



Refashion T-shirt-Raffles flower

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Since the day I learned how to make raffles or T-shirt flower, I had fallen in love with it. I am making more raffles by refashion the old t-shirts I collected.

I’ve got something to share with you today. I just turned my plain greyish t-shirt into something more awesome by adding on frills and raffles at one side. Look, isn’t it lovely?


Please refer to my previous project for raffles or t-shirt flower tutorial at http://wp.m/pm8TM-lr

I applied the same method for making this t-shirt. I sewed it downward this time with only using three to four cut out flower petals for each flower. Hope you like this simple and lovely raffles. Make one for your old t-shirt today!



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