DIY ruffles flower necklace

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ruffle flower necklace1 This beautiful ruffle flowers were taken out from an old T-shirt. I am going to turn it into a pretty necklace.

ruffle flower necklace2I added tiny blue rose buds along the ruffle flowers. Then hot glue the thin pastel green ribbon  at both end of the ruffle flowers. Now the old ruffle flowers had changed into a totally new look. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tip : You can get the similar ruffle flower from sewing craft shop.

ruffle flower necklace3

My little Sweet Pea and the ruffle necklace. I think she looks pretty with the necklace :).

Have a Lovely DIY day!


DIY button necklace

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As I had promised from my previous post, here is the tutorial for making a very simple kids necklace with mickey buttons

1) Cut out ten or twelve pieces of round felt.

2) Cut out a rubber waist band from any children pant. This is going to be used as a necklace.

3) Join two round felts together by using glue. I used hot glue. Remember, keep the hot glue out of the reach of children.

4) Glue the buttons on the round felts then onto the rubber waist band.

Done! A very simple and cute mickey necklace.

DIY felt kids necklace

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My five years old girl absolutely loves accessories. Not only she loves to put on those little lovely accessories on herself but she also loves to DIY it.   Last week we came across a cute purple velvet necklace with tiny roses while we were shopping at a nearby flea market.  We were definitely inspired by that gorgeous velvet necklace. My daughter’s two little busy hands can’t wait to make one for herself. So, we make used of the left over material we had to start our project.  Since I did not have any velvet. I used felt.  Our purple necklace is just as lovely as the velvet necklace although

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