DIY ruffles flower necklace

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ruffle flower necklace1 This beautiful ruffle flowers were taken out from an old T-shirt. I am going to turn it into a pretty necklace.

ruffle flower necklace2I added tiny blue rose buds along the ruffle flowers. Then hot glue the thin pastel green ribbon  at both end of the ruffle flowers. Now the old ruffle flowers had changed into a totally new look. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tip : You can get the similar ruffle flower from sewing craft shop.

ruffle flower necklace3

My little Sweet Pea and the ruffle necklace. I think she looks pretty with the necklace :).

Have a Lovely DIY day!


Chocolate and vanilla

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I bought these lovely heand bands at a flea market this morning. I was supposed to search for some DIY materials for making little girl’s hair pins. however I ended up spending on others cute stuffs for home deco. My girl liked the white head band while I prefered the brown one. Said my little girl ” Mummy, chocolate goes well with vanilla. We must have both of them”. I was thinking it sounds yummy.

…and you win darling. We bought both of them. Lets have our chocolate and vanilla. Love you.

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Have a nice day!

Felt butterfly hair pin

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1. Cut out the shapes using felt, as shown in the photo.

2. Glue the cut out felts to form a butterfly.

3. I decorated the butterflies with tiny ribbon roses and beads. You can also use cute colorful buttons. It will be lovely.

Hademade blue felt butterfly hair pin for my dear little sweet pea.

Have a nice day!


(DIY 乐)

DIY button necklace

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As I had promised from my previous post, here is the tutorial for making a very simple kids necklace with mickey buttons

1) Cut out ten or twelve pieces of round felt.

2) Cut out a rubber waist band from any children pant. This is going to be used as a necklace.

3) Join two round felts together by using glue. I used hot glue. Remember, keep the hot glue out of the reach of children.

4) Glue the buttons on the round felts then onto the rubber waist band.

Done! A very simple and cute mickey necklace.

Easy DIY lace flower pin.

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Are you thinking of an awesome DIY craft for this weekend? Bingo! Here is a simple project. I used lace to make a lovely flower pin and finished by adding a little cute little ladybug on top.

Click this link to see how to make lace flower brooch:


Yahoooo!  It is Friday.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey

It is a beautiful Friday. You all are beautiful! Cheers for life!


Lovely DIY

DIY mother’s day gift- Flower brooch

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My childhood friend Helena Wong came for a visit yesterday. She brought me some lovely laces and unique DIY accessories. Wasn’t she so sweet?  We had a great time exchanging some awesome DIY craft ideas.  So, we came out with a light and classic flower brooch. It is very simple, check the tutorial below. You can make a lovely one as a mother’s day gift.

A 30cm cotton lace.

Stitch along the bottom of the lace as shown in the picture.

Use hot glue to paste the pin on

I finished the flower brooch by adding a peal at the center of the flower.

Isn’t it lovely?

…or  pin it on the necklace, scarf or hat as an accessory.

Try make one today!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.


Erica- LovelyDIY –

DIY felt kids necklace

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My five years old girl absolutely loves accessories. Not only she loves to put on those little lovely accessories on herself but she also loves to DIY it.   Last week we came across a cute purple velvet necklace with tiny roses while we were shopping at a nearby flea market.  We were definitely inspired by that gorgeous velvet necklace. My daughter’s two little busy hands can’t wait to make one for herself. So, we make used of the left over material we had to start our project.  Since I did not have any velvet. I used felt.  Our purple necklace is just as lovely as the velvet necklace although

Easy Head Band – recycle pant

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I adore beautiful fabric head bands with lovely flowers on it.  You can often see hand made or semi handmade head bands at street bazaar or shopping complex. I would like to have those cute stuffs for my two little girls but most head bands sold are quite expensive. So I decided to make it myself by using those old children pants that I have at home. This project is so easy and it only require very little sewing. I bet you will love it!


Check it out

Firstly, collect those old pants you have at home. Cut out the rubber waist band as shown in the picture. I am going to turn it into a lovely head band.


The band is ready, now the next step is to decorate it.

I attached the lovely flower on the rubber waist band by stitching it on.

I made these for my girls. It is so easy and inexpensive. Sorry, I have to put the tutorial of  the two lovely flowers on my next post as I got to take care of these two little girls of mine. They are not feeling well. Right now my hubby is taking care of them and I can hear the waa…waa…from the little one.  Catch up then!

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