DIY clay ornaments

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We loved the idea of DIY Christmas ornaments. I found a few recipe online and I tried working with the recipe that contained glue. It was not turned out well (blame my skill). I then found an easier one provided by an awesome blogger at I followed exactly her tutorial and we are happy with the result. It is so easy to make. The clay dough was soft and easy to knead. My girls had so much much playing with it and we ended up making clay dolls instead of Christmas ornaments. We will make the next round for the ornaments.

Kids cooking is always the best and fun play for kids.

We used cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. The pink dough was added food coloring.

After baking the clay. We decorated it with colorful florecent gel pens.

Have a Lovely DIY day!


DIY ruffles flower necklace

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ruffle flower necklace1 This beautiful ruffle flowers were taken out from an old T-shirt. I am going to turn it into a pretty necklace.

ruffle flower necklace2I added tiny blue rose buds along the ruffle flowers. Then hot glue the thin pastel green ribbon  at both end of the ruffle flowers. Now the old ruffle flowers had changed into a totally new look. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tip : You can get the similar ruffle flower from sewing craft shop.

ruffle flower necklace3

My little Sweet Pea and the ruffle necklace. I think she looks pretty with the necklace :).

Have a Lovely DIY day!

Simple bread Sticks

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This is a good recipe for using up the excess bread crusts. I taught my daughter to use the crusts to make simple bread sticks.  Today she made this simple toasted bread sticks for her dad :). We all love it especially when we have it with hot tea.




breadstickLeft over bread crusts.

butterMelt the butter

breadstick1grease the batter with butter

breadstick2Coat the crusts with melted butter.

Pop them in to oven for 10-15 minutes at 130 C until golden brown

Remove, allow to cool.


This is an awesome father’s day gift.

Have a Lovely DIY Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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My new creation 🙂 bread and baking chocolate.

My Love to you all,

Happy Valentine's Day!





Lovely flowers wrap

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A simple and lovely flowers wrap idea with white paper bag. First, place the bundle og flower inside the paper bag. Then, fasten it with ribbons. Lastly, attached a fabric flower on it.

You can also attach the fabric flower on the ribbons. Then only tie it on the paper bag.

I absolutely love this simple and lovely idea. Hope tou like it too.



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Valentine’s gift ( homemade coconut jam/ kaya )

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Express your love to someone special by DIY gifts. Apple Cheeks was so proud to make her own coconut jam for her dad. Making coconut jam is easy and fun:

Top picture shown the ingredients: 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 1/2 cups coconut milk, a pinch of salt, 1/2 teaspoon corn flour and one pandan leaf.

Bottom picture: caramelized sugar by heating a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of water in the pot.

In a bowl, beat the eggs, add in sugar, coconut milk, salt and corn flour. Stir untill ingredients are well mixed.


Apple cheeks was so proud of herself cooking at the stove for the first time.

In the pot with caramalized sugar, pour in the mixture together with pandan leaf. Cook it in a very slow fire and keep stiring it. It will take about 30 minutes untill the mixture is thicken up. It will be brown in color. Done! My family love toast bread with coconut jam and butter. Yummy!

Please assist you kids while they are cooking at stove.

Homemade Coconut jam in a glass jar. What a lovely gift for valentine. Mommy and Apple Cheeks prepared this for daddy and our lil sweet pea. You can make this too!


Happy Valentine's Day to all



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DIY Valentine’s gift ( Card in CD case)

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DIY gifts to someone shows how thoughtful you are. It also demonstrates your creativity. My little girl- 'The Apple Cheeks' was asking me to assist her on making a Valentine's card for her ballet instructor, Miss Lovell. It was a recycled project which we cut out some nice pictures from some old magazines, then turned it into a very lovely collage card. Finally we put it in an empty CD case. It is simply wonderful!

How to do?

1. Cut out nice pictures from magazines.

2.Apple Cheeks was enjoying herself with the cut and paste work to make a lovely collage card.

A card for her ballet instructor ( Ms Lovell ) Isn't this beautiful? Do you notice that it written LOVE and LOVELL? The two pink ll next to the word LOVE. She loves Miss Lovell.

This idea is simple beautiful. Hope you will love this too.

Happy Valentine's Day to all



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DIY valentine’s gift ( CD case photo frame)

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Are you looking for unique valentine's gift? DIY gifts can be the most meaningful presents for someone you love.

All you need to do are:

1. Prepare an empty disc casing.

2. Remove the cover and replace it with the photo that you had selected.

3. Decorate your cover photo by putting on some stickers or message. Done!

I absolutely love this idea. I had made a few for my friends as well as to decorate my home. Hope you will love this too.

DIY gifts shows thoughfulness. A simple DIY gift will make the best gift!


Happy Valentine's Day to all.



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DIY Valentine’s gift ( Forever love- coffee for valentine)

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Forever Love Coffee for Valentine

You will need:
1. A jar of coffee. Remove the lable.
2. Create your own lable by using a piece of colorful papper. The size of your lable must be able to cover the coffee jar .Write your messege on the lable (as shown in the second photo). One thin ribbon, one cut out paper heart and a felt heart.
3. I used white glue to paste the lable and the felt heart on the jar. Lastly, attach the heart shape card on the thin ribbon and tie it on the bottle.

Happy Valentine's Day to all



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DIY valentine’s gift ideas

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Please click on each picture or title to get into the link.








The heartiest tea



A bottle of Love



HappyValentine's Day


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