Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. This is me, Eica Ying. The author of LovelyDIY. I am a Malaysian Chinese.

I am blessed with two amazing daughters age between five and one plus. I am a wife to a wonderful and amazing land surveyor. They are my life!


There is nothing in my life more happier than being a stay at home mom, watching the little angels grow. They make me feel young again! I crawled, talked in baby language, play and grow with the sweetie pies, ….I learned to believe, to love and to be strong. Just as other new parents, I did go through a lot of taugh times. My little angels teach me what life is all about! Be happy!

Brought up in a very loving family by an amazing parents. God blessed us with a simple but happy and beautiful life. Thankfully,my parents accept children as an individual with their own unique abilities. My childhood was fun where I was always given opportunities to learn what I wanted to. I can’t recall if I did follow any cartoons from the TV during that time but I can tell you that the most pleasure weekend would be those days sitting next to Aunty SK at her work place, reading magazines about all sort of beautiful handy crafts while she was sewing. She was a tailor I was very lucky to have the loveliest little girl dresses made by her and my mom. Oh, one more secret…did I tell you about my mom’s treasure box?? I LOVE THE BOX so much!! Ok, it was where my mom kept her sewing material. She had the most beautiful laces, colorful buttons in various size and shape and most of all the little ribbon flowers. It really drew me like a magnet. I still love these stuffs. Especially the gorgeous laces. (Guys, I am sorry. This is too much about girl stuffs.)

After married, I left my five years career from a graphic designer to study Montessori,an early childhood program which benefits me in nurturing my kids as well as helping other children. Please feel free to write to me if you would like to find out more about kids activities. It would be lovely to share and meeting new friends here.
Have a nice day. Love ya!



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  1. Hi Eica,

    I came upon your blog and would like to ask you about your recent trip to Taipei. Coincidentally I’ve book a room with 365 Homestay in Xi Men Ding for my November trip to Taipei. I would like to hear some reviews from you regarding the room as I am abit skeptical to stay there after reading the review from others. My only concern is the room and the toilets are clean? Is the room spacious enough to move around after putting our luggages?I’m travelling with my mom and my sis. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


    • Hi Jayne, there were three rooms in the apartment. It is a small apartment with basic set up. The toilet and laundry were attached. Small but clean. The rooms were quite spacious, yes, you still have space to move around. My kids were happy while we were there. One thing might get you disappointed is …imagine, the apartment is located above the busy street of all the shopping store or I should describe it as staying above Petaling Street (if you are from Malaysia, you can picture it). There were no cleaning service like hotel does, so we did cleaning up like sweeping and mopping the bathroom area dry after using it. otherwise, the wet floor will easily get dirty. We were bringing two kids, we need to maintain the place clean and dry while we were staying there more than a week. Ok, one more thing. The corridor of that apartment was not as clean and tidy as I thought. The walk way was dark could be due to the cloudy weather then. The positive side of it was–“convenient”. If you are going there for shopping like I did, you can do it anytime you like till mid night. Very safe! Oh, the downstairs main gate of the apartment will be closed before midnight. (Please check the notice. ) Dun worry, just experience the home stay! It is nice to try something new :).
      p/s: if u need transport from airport to the apartment, do write to Jackie (the owner). He is very friendly and helpful.
      Wish you and your family have a nice trip.

  2. Hi Eica,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Really apprecaite that u take an effort to share all the deatils with me…that’s very nice of you…=) Since the room is clean then I don;t mind giving it a shot…Thank you again Eica

  3. Nice to meet u Erica! Hope can learn more from you…

    • Hi Connie, thanks for dropping by. We always share and learn from each other. Please feel free to visit my blog.
      Have a lovely day with LovelyDIY.

  4. Hi Eica,

    I chanced upon your blog while searching for 365 Homestyle. Can I check with you whether there is lift to the apartment? Thank you

    • Hi, I apologize for the late reply. Yes, there is lift to the apartment. Have a nice holiday.

  5. Hi Eica,
    May i know where you studying your Montessori?Are you taking up a course or just self-study?
    thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Dendelion, thanks for dropping by. I graduated under Mondern Montessori International (London). Five years practical in early childhood education and one year practical in Montessori. Currently I am doing full time home Montessori and Waldorf approach to my kids. I believed character building should start from home. I supposed that you can do Montessori self-study if you would like to apply the method to your children. However, if you plan to expand your future into the related field, then you should taking up a course. Have a nice day!

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