Panda rice ball

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My three years old is literally scooting away from babyhood in search of new adventures. Haha…she loves to ‘play’ with real cooking. I think making rice ball is a fun and safe activity for her to play. Kids cooking helps motor skills development.
-First, we wrapped the rice in a piece of cling wrap, then shape it into round shape.
– Attach the ears with boiled black beans ( I cooked black bean soup today, so I made used of them to make the ears). Fix the ears to the rice with a stick of spaghetti.
– use nori seaweed to make eyes, nose and mouth by cutting them out or you can use nori cutter. (cutting part has to be done by adult).



riceballs with beans


* I used normal rice instead of Japanese rice. My rice was soft, it is easy to shape. Otherwise, you can steam the rice with egg first before you shape it. Steam egg rice created soft and stickiness of the rice. It is easy to shape.

Fun and easy, isn’t it? Now you can do it with your little one too šŸ™‚

Have a Lovely DIY Day!

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