Sock doll

October 9, 2013 at 9:11 am | Posted in Socks, Uncatogorized, Upcycled projects | 2 Comments

This is my very first DIY soft toy made of old socks. I made this for my little girl who would like to have a soft doll. My two years old lil sweet pea started to carry out pretend play at home. Every morning, she places her soft toys in a row sitting on the floor. Then she fed each of them with her toy cutlery set. It is so wonderful to watch her played and acted like mummy.

Here is my own sock doll idea. It is pretty easy.



You need to have one sock, two pieces of felt cut and sew as shown in the photo above. You also need poly fiber or cotton which to be used to stuff the toy ( sorry, I missed out the stuffing material in this photo).

Prepare two bundle of yarns as shown in the photo above.


Stuff the poly fiber inside the sock and sew up 'A' and 'B' lines as shown above. I stitched up the legs with the longer piece of 'felt B'.



I cut out two tiny circles and a pink half moon with felt. Then hot glued it to make the eyes and mouth.

For the hair- use the bundle of yarn 'A' . Place the shorter side as the doll's fringe. Hot glue to secure the position.

Now, use bundle of yarn 'B', place across yarn 'A'.


My very first lovelyDIY doll is born!


My darling girls and the new members in the family. We love you!


Wish you have a lovelyDIY day.





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  1. So cute . . . and the photos of your girls playing with their dolls are adorable! 🙂

    • Thanks. Dolls are little girl’s good friend.

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