Free an Easy Amsterdam (part 1)

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Hi everyone, my family and I were just back from Netheland. I feel  grateful to receive comments and messages while I was away.  Today I would like to share with you about our lovely trip while we were in Amsterdam.  wish you all have a great day!

We touched down in Amsterdam at 7am. It was a beautiful morning. We took a train from Schiphol Airport to RAI station. It is only ten minutes away from Schiphol. Our friendly host, Stef, picked us from the station to his lovely home which is located at the beautiful President Kennedylaan.

Amsterdam City Canal Cruise

Every first time visitor to Amsterdam must not miss the canal cruise. It is an hour cruise where you can see the charming Amsterdam buildings, landmarks and attractions. We bought IAmsterdam cards which includes 2 free canal cruise tours. We had a great time exploring the beautiful city sight and our children had great fun.

These are some of the photos taken during our cruise ride:

Beautiful Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam


NEMO Science Center

cruise2 copy

I love this Giant Poster of Van Gogh


cafe-restaurant built on the bridge.


Charming buildings


My darling girls on the canal cruise. Apple Cheeks was such a good sister. She took good care of her little sister. The seats are comfortable.


Breathtaking river side scenery

Van Gogh Museum,

While in college, I studied a lot about Van Gogh and his painting. Art History was one of the subject included in the Graphic Design course I took. Being able to get up close and personal with his paintings meant so much to me. We arrived outside the Van Gogh museum at 8.30am. It was a cold and rainy morning. The museum only opened at 9.00 am but the queue was already very long. We queued in the rain for two hours just to get thru the entrance. There were three lines to the entrance : First line was for those who are purchasing the ticket at the counter. The second line was for IAmsterdam card holders – who get to enter the museum for free. The third line are for those who purchased ticket online. The first line was the longest. The second and third lines moved a little faster than the first queue, but I assumed you still need to wait at least one hour plus to get in. It seems less crowded when we finished visiting the museum at about 1.00p.m.

van gogh museum2

Van Gogh Museum

van gogh3

van gogh museum3

Apple Cheeks up close with her favorite Sun Flowers painting by Van Gogh. All smiles!


Van Gogh’s palette and paints.


van gogh

Museum Directory


We had a wonderful day at the Van Gogh museum. It is well worth the wait to visit.


This is Rijks museum. It is about 350m away from Van Gogh museum. Both museums are located along the beautiful landscaped Museumplein, Amsterdam’s museum district. Rijks museum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Van Gogh Museum location and plan

Waterloo Plein Flea Market

It is the largest daily market and is located in the city center. The market is best known for second hand clothing, antiques, knick-knacks, souvenirs, bicycle parts and much more.

Waterlooplein located

Zaanse Schans

We did research about Netherlands attractions before the trip. My six years old girl was so keen to see windmills. She did a project about windmills before we left for Amsterdam. She studied how a windmill works and what is was used for. We were happy that our trip to Zaanse Schans went smoothly. The weather was perfect while we were there.



We had our picnic by the beautiful and serene river side.



I loved  how they planted flowers inside the old wooden clogs.










Zaanse Schans -Cheese Farm



Zaanse Schans-Wooden Shoe Clog Workshop and Museum






Transportation to Zaanse Schans

We took a train from Amstel Station to Koog-Zaandijk. The trip was about 40 minutes long.

Albert Cuyp Market

This was our favorite shopping place in Amsterdam. Everybody loves this market. It is a very big outdoor market, hosting all sorts of stalls selling clothing, leather ware, shoes, food ( Cheese, chocolates, breads and cakes, roasted chicken, raw herring fish etc.) textile, basically it is a fantastic selection of everything with reasonable price. You must not miss this place.

albert cuyp2

Albert Cuyp

Apple Cheeks loved the pink snow white textile.


Lovely colorful boots prices from Euro 20 and above

albert cuyp4

Grilled chicken sold by an Iranian trader. This was our family favorite finger food.  We returned to the same store the next day. You must not miss this authentic grilled chicken if you happen to be there.  The chicken was well marinated and delicious.

albert cuyp5

We bought some dark and hazel nut chocolates from this store.  It was two Euro per 100g for each type.  Yummy!


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