DIY gingerbread house

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December smells sweets, cookies, It is the month of baking, decorating, fun and joy especially spending good time with my two little girls. Just like any other school kids, I love school holiday too. This is the time where The Apple Cheeks(5yrs old) and I start the beautiful DIY activities. The little girl has so much passion in making Holiday Crafts as I do. We both miss those days before she entered pre-school and it was also the time before the arrival of little sweet pea (20 months) We had more time for doing art and crafts then. It was fun! Now, we make use of school holiday for doing more out of school activities.


Making gingerbread house

Apple cheeks and I were excited to decorate our very first gingerbread house which was organized by a local shopping mall. It was a cardboard based house, where we decorated it with colorful candies and cookies. sugar icing was used as glue to hold up the colorful pieces.


This is our first gingerbread house. It smelled sweet!

Building gingerbread house makes beautiful memories. Besides, It is also a very good bonding activity for family. We had a wonderful time spreading the thick white sugar icing on the cardboard house. Decorating part was glorious! We arranged the colorful candies and cookies piece by piece, watched the house slowly filled up with colors. How lovely!

I found a very good tutorial of making gingerbread house at kingarthurflour. Thanks to for providing the tutorial and detail of making gingerbread house.

Hope you all have a great time. Merry Christmas!

Lovely DIY


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