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I am supposed to blog this earlier, however I only managed to do it now. I had been away for a while and certainly there are so much wonderful things that I would like to share with you all here.

I miss the happening Taipei and I have countless reasons of loving it. Among those were the foods, friendly peoples, the culture, shopping, the huge night markets with variety of delicious street foods, beautiful fashion and cosmetic stores, the 24 hour bookstore and so much more.

Come, lets take a tour with me. You will see the wonderful trip and some useful tips I had during my visit in Taipei. Lets go!


Normally, we prefered to stay in the hotel at the city center when we traveled. This time, we experienced home stay at 365 Homestay which was located at XiMenDing. It was our pleasure to get to know Jackie, the owner of 365 HomeStay He gave us plenty of useful travel tips.


365 Home Stay (XIMenDing)

This hall is small but cozy. There was a TV on the left hand side (sorry for not being able to capture it). I would laze around here to catch up the morning news with a hot cuppa coffee from Seven Eleven. Oh, the fantastic thing about this apartment was “Convenient”. Seven Eleven’ was just around the corner. Shopping and foods are mostly everywhere.

WI-FI is available.

There were two rooms in the apartment. Simple set up, very homey!

Bathroom, toilet and laundry were attached neatly to each other. It was small but well organized. Since we were traveling with kids. We did our laundry alternate night during our stayed. It dried up very fast as the weather was very dry and humid.

Conclusion: This is a basic apartment which located in the heart of Taipei. It is very convenient. You can find Seven Eleven everywhere. Most of all, you can shop till midnight.


Ximending, the heart Taipei. It has been called the Harujuku of Taipei or the Shibuya of Taipei.

XiMending, the source of Taiwan’s fashion. I love the youth subculture and Japanese culture.

Not only I love those fabulous fashion stores in Ximending but also the merry and energetic night ambiance. I enjoyed it tremendously!

101 Taipei

Taipei 101( 台北101 / 臺北101), formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, it is located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.

The building was ranked officially as the world’s tallest from the year 2004 until the opening of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010.

The various type of foods in 101.

…after a long walked, we enjoyed ourselves with the doughnuts and milk tea in front of MUJI. Little apple cheeks had her first doughnut and she loved it.

Xuen is always a good sister.

Yummy doughnut!

It will be fun to cycle around 101 area by renting a bicycle.

The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park, Taipei.

Daddy kept little apple cheeks warm into his jacket. It was her first travel :). She loved the cold weather.

I love the Ergo baby carrier. It had been followed me to many places since the big apple cheeks was born. I can walked for hours with this carrier without having any backache. It is very comfortable for both mummy and baby. The two girls had a great time in Taipei.

YehLiu Geo Park, between Taipei and Keelung

The entrance of YehLiu Geo Park. The entrance fees was only NTD50. It is worth to visit the fantastic natural landscape here.

YehLiu Geo Park with natural landscape. It is located at the north cost of Taiwan in the town of Wanli.

YehLiu is a cape which mainly composed of sedimentary rocks.

She is my lovely apple.

The queen’s head…this is the man made version which displayed in the park. You can have a view of the natural rock formation of Queen’s head.

Besides the natural beautiful scenery, one of the attraction is the rocks formations which has been given imaginative names based on their shapes. These included the well-known “Queen’s head”, “The Fairy Shoe”, “The Bee Hive”, “The Ginger Rocks” and “The Sea Candles.”

Due to the sudden changed of weather from cold to warm, the little apple cheeks was feeling uncomfortable. That was why I did not manage to make my way up to kiss the “Queen’s head”…I can only watched her from far. Promise to see her again soon :).

Please note that if you are going visiting YehLiu during the winter time or close to the season, do bring along your winter wear or wind breaker.

ChingJing Farm

The Qingjing Veterans Farm is located at the Renai Township of Nantou county,8 km north of Wushe Section, Tai 14A Route of Central Cross-Island Highway in Central Taiwan. Situated at a high altitude of 1,750 metres above sea level.

Fresh air and gorgeous greenery in ChingJing.


Daddy with his favorite warm cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks. Yum!

The lovely apple cheeks and daddy were waiting to watch the sheep shearing show. They absolutely love the weather and the fun activities in the farm.

Sheep shearing show.

Feeding ducks.

Finally…her princess dream come alive…

Restaurant in ChingJing Farm.

Extra Tips: For those who love to shop for digital and electronic goods. You should visit Guang Hua Digital Plaza. It is located at the intersection of the Zhongzheng and Daan Districts.  Mr. Dd (my hubby:)) spend a whole day there and yes, he managed to bought some gadgets back. Guys, don’t miss this! Guang Hua map

Taipei is a very beautiful place, not only a shopping paradise for ladies but also a great place to travel with family and kids.  People there were very friendly and polite.  My family had a great time in Taipei. I definitely will go back there again when the little apple cheeks grow bigger.

…please stay tune for the next post up for Taipei foods. Yum!

See Ya! Have a wonderful day.



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  1. hi! may I know is it convenience to bring the stroller all the way up at the YehLiu Geo Park? It seems like a lot of walking and “climbing” needed there?

    • Hi! I am sorry for the late reply. I brought stroller with us though it is up slope but not narrow. You can still push the stroller up. Wish you have a wonderful holiday.

      • Hi! Thank you for your reply 🙂
        Knowing that i don’t need to carry my daughter all the way, I feel more relief now! haha! 😛

      • How old is your baby? My daughter was almost one then. I found it hard to eat out with her cos most of the place did not have baby chair.
        Little tips here, try the fish floss from Geo Park. My girls love it.

      • My daughter is 3 yrs old now. Eating out wont be a problem and she can always sit on my lap 🙂
        my gal love chicken floss~ will definately let her try the fish floss there!

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