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November 3, 2011 at 10:49 pm | Posted in Uncatogorized | 1 Comment
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  This lovely patches house blanket was my very first patchwork. Basically it was a recycle project which made out of the left over fabric or worn clothes. I cut them into square pieces and rejoined them by hand sew it to form a house. Since it was my first time tried out patchwork, I started with a simple and small pattern. I took about  a month to complete this. It was two layers front and back with inner padding.   My daughter’s best friend.

  Project no.2 Lovely Polka baby blanket.

Soon after when I completed the lovely patches house blanket for my first daughter. I started making this cute yellow and white polka dots blanket for my unborn baby then. I was heavily pregnant my second princess. Thought of handmade blanket will be the best and warm gift to my little precious. However, I did not manage to complete it in time! She was arrived about three weeks earlier than the expected date. See, the blanket looks rather plain still. I am thinking of adding on lovely fabric flowers or beautiful laces…Update this later.


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  1. Thanks for your kind comment. Anyway, the write up of my blogs were just informal writing. You are so generous to give me extra credit on my works. I will try my best to do it better. I am glad you enjoy reading it. Have a nice day.

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