Tutorial for organza flower necklace

October 18, 2010 at 7:32 am | Posted in Uncatogorized | Leave a comment

This is my recent project (DIY organza flower necklace). I made this as a gift for a friend . Organza flower is so beautiful that you can use it for any occasion.

Material: White organza, few beads, hot glue, one thin round metal necklace (as shown in the photo below)& scissor.

Cut out tweleve pieces organza into round shape, it doesn’t need to be perfectly round. You can cut it free hand without trace it with round object.

Fold only nine pieces of the round organza into triangle as shown in the photo above. Hot glue the bottom to hold the shape. Do not touch hot glue with your fingers. I used a small piece of thick paper to press the hot glue onto the material.

Here shown how the flower is form. Use three folded triangle as above A,B & C. Glue the bottom to join them together. Finally hot glue it again on a round piece of organza as shown above.

I added a white bead at the center of the flower.

This is a fine round metal ring for DIY necklace. You can get this from hair accessories shop. I bought this from Daisho it only cost RM5.

Lastly, join the three completed organza flowers on the thin metal ring by hot glue it.

This is simply beautiful!


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