Light and easy trip in Kuantan

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Last weekend my husband had a business appointment in Kuantan. We took the opportunity to pamper ourselves in a relaxing beach resort for three days. It was marvelous!

Day 1

It was about 3 an a half hour drive from KL to Kuantan. We departed at about 10 a.m. My daughter slept in the car for two hours.

Xuen enjoyed the little playground at KFC

Arrived at about 1 p.m. We had our lunch in KFC at Lorong Balok Permai 15, just before checking into the hotel.

Hotel: Duta Village Beach Resort (located next to Swiss Garden)

Room type :  Chalet, single or double bedroom, delux suite room which provide bigger space.

This was our suite.  The cozy environment and unique setup were welcoming except the carpet was a bit dirty.

Small living Hall (Sofa bed with attached bathroom – shower).

Small toilet attached with shower. The toilet was placed in between the living hall and the bedroom.

This big window was just next to the bed. It was Xuen’s favorite’s spot. She could see the swimming pool through this window.

Stuffed crab (crab meat, egg and some vege).

1st day Dinner

We were looking for some Chinese food for my daughter. It was 5 p.m and still  early for dinner. Most were Malay stalls and were not yet open then. We finally found a restaurant named Pak Su. It was a halal Chinese seafood restaurant,  located about 1 km from Duta Village. Honestly, the servings were only average. Prices were a little expensive when compared to other restaurants in town. However, I personally think  it was the sea view that attracted people to eat there.

There were many small food stalls along the road outside the hotel. Those were mainly Malay cuisine and sea food stalls.  Sea food is popular here. Don’t miss the grill fish, squid, stuffed sambal fish, tomyam and soup kambing. Yummy! Prices are reasonable if you go to the small road side stalls.

2nd Day

Good Morning! Xuen work up with a smile on her face. It was only 6.30 a.m.  What’s next? …A good breakfast!

2nd day Breakfast

We went to Swiss Garden hotel for buffet breakfast. It was located just next to Duta Village. The breakfast was RM30 per person. Good breakfast with fantastic ambiance.  This is a ‘must go’ place. I am sure you won’t regret it.

Beautiful Swiss Garden

Pool view outdoor breakfast buffet.

Indoor breakfast buffet.

Xuen enjoyed mixing her honeystar with milk.

Ming  was chatting online with his staff. He couldn’t stop work even at breakfast.

Swiss Garden Lobby.

Beautiful wood table and chair sets. I love them!


Beautiful infinity pool view from the lobby. This was taken at 7.30 a.m.

2nd Day activities

We returned to Duta Village after breakfast. I spent the day with Xuen while hubby went for his meeting. Xuen had so much fun playing in the pool. She made new friends. It was a very sunny day. We were sunburn still  though we applied SPF sun block.

Xuen’s  and her first swim ring.

Duta Village had a beach behind it.  It was pretty quiet during our visit as the school holidays had not started yet.  It was like having the whole resort all to ourselves. We met some foreign friends there. They wind-surfed very well.


We drove out to Kuantan town to sample more restaurants. We found this corner shop named Tian Jin. We ordered a few simple dishes. The food was good, price was reasonable.

3rd Day Morning

This morning we had breakfast at a roadside stall. The ambiance was not perfect, cos it was next to a graveyard. However, the stall had attracted a lot of customers, and the selection of food was huge.  My husband chose the “nasi dagang”. Basically, it was a pre-packed bundle of rice and fish, wrapped in banana leaf, wih a little bit of sauce. Delicious!

Xuen had some nasi lemak and doughnut. I chose a nasi lauk, which consisted of rice and a non-spicy fish side dish. After breakfast, we went back to the hotel for another dip in the pool. Finally, hubby had a chance to swim 😀 We packed up at about 11am and checked out.

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