DIY simple tulle skirt

February 22, 2010 at 7:44 am | Posted in Uncatogorized | 2 Comments
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This is a very simple tulle skirt that I made for my daughter for this Chinese New Year & Valentine’s day.  This tulle was very simple to make, it only took me about half an hour to get this lovely tulle skirt done.

All you need are : tulle material (measure it as double your waist line, see photo 1 below to measure the length that fits you. Sewing rubber (1 cm thick, the rubber should be three inches smaller than the size of your waist) and few ribbon roses. All these material can be obtained from sewing shops.

Since I had missed out on the step by step photos taking when I did this project. Now I elaborate the sewing procedure as the photos shown below.

1) Take this paper as your tulle material.  Fold the tulle quarter to half, this will be the length of your skirt.

2)  Sew from A to B (See the sewing line as shown above). Insert sewing rubber from A to B through the hole C.

3)  Join  the two corners A and B downwards to form a skirt.

4) Lastly, sew on little ribbon roses to beautify the skirt.

Butterfly tutu

Purple tulle skirt



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  1. love the simple tutorial.

    • Thanks. I am doing a new tulle skirt. Will post up soon. Hope you will like it too.

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