My wonderful Bangkok trip.

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My six days five nights in Bangkok were great, especially because this trip included two good travel buddies. Our group consisted of my husband, my two and a half years old daughter, my sister, our friend Alfred and myself. All together there were five of us. As usual, I did some research before departing in order to travel efficiently.

1st day

We arrived Bangkok at 7.30pm (Bangkok time). It was too late to go sightseeing so we took a cab from the airport straight to the hotel. The cab fare came to only 700 Baht for a large cab.  The taxi driver was very polite and spoke fluent English. We asked for his contact and booked him for return trip back to the airport on our last day.


We spent our nights in the Hotel Palazzo ( It was 1300 Baht per night. My hubby made the room reservations via internet booking to get the best deal. It was a nice place to stay. The rooms were big and clean. For convinience, and our daily supply of bottled water, there was a 7-Eleven directly opposite the hotel entrance. The 4 massage parlors around the hotel provided lots of relaxing massages. Robinson and Carrefour, with their food courts, were only a 15 minute walk away. Finally, a cozy cafe with internet free wifi was situated next to the hotel. The hotel charged quite a lot for internet. My husband, however, needed to connect with his staff via net and phone. So, he purchased a 3G sim card ( at a booth in Carrefour and used it with his modem in the hotel room. It cost 49 Baht for the sim card and 50 Baht for five hours of internet.

2nd day

Chatuchak weekend market

We visited Chatuchak weekend flea market on the 2nd day. It opens at 9am and we made sure we were there early to avoid nood time heat.  We arrived at 8.30 am by cab and a few stores were already opened.

Colorful hand-knitted hats

Colorful hand knitted hair bands

She did those beautiful hats and hair bands

Among all the beautiful stores in Chatuchak I was especially attracted by the this colorful hand-knitted craft store. This store belonged to a lady who knitted beautiful hats and hair bands.

That Sunday morning was pretty sunny in Chatuchak.  We were all sweating and my little girl started to get restless. We quickly found a cool place for drinks called Viva.

It was a little cafe and bar which had plenty of woods furnishing and some antiques decoration.  Everyone enjoyed downing a glass of cold drink while watching peoples from many nations passing by. We made friends with a British couple who sat next to us too. What a great and relaxing place for all.

Xuen was having good time at Viva.

Viva was not only a mini cafe and bar. It also sells unique wood antique furniture but the price were too expensive.

Our friend Alfred was thinking of getting one of this unique wood box back to Malaysia. …However we were shocked by the price 18,000 Baht per piece. Nah, he decided to take a photo of the box and find a carpenter to make an imitation of it.

Me and my sis managed to buy something from Chatuchak. I read from people’s blogs  that we can  bargain up to 50% off the selling price in Chatuchak. I was not good in doing that. The most I managed to bargain was 30% off the price. I think those sellers have fixed their policies too. Most of the stores I visited did not entertain an offer of 50% discount.

Chatucak weekend market, Bangkok

3rd Day-World of Safari Bangkok

It was the safari that made me plan for this Bangkok trip.  Me and hubby were planning a trip for our little girl before the start of school. So when my friend posted her recent photos taken in Safari World, Bangkok, I knew that was where I wanted to go too. It is about half and hour drive from  Bangkok. The entrance fees was 750 Baht for adults which included the marine world. However, there was better package offered at the hotel or local tour agent. Our hotel offered a package of 650 Baht per person  to Safari included lunch which was much cheaper.

There was a bus to take you through the safari where you can get really close to the animals. I can’t remember the cost of the bus ticket but I am sure it was pretty reasonable.

Giraffe feeding was our most favorite area among all others in Safari. You can experienced feeding giraffe by buying a little bucket of fruits that cost about 40 Baht. Children and adult will love it.

Don’t miss the animal shows. They were fantastic! Among the shows were  the Orang Utans, elephants, birds, polar bear, walrus and most of all the famous Dolphin and Beluga show. All were very good.  Get ready your camera, don’t miss it!

Safari World Bangkok

Finally back to our hotel area. It was a hot day. We took a break , stayed online in a little cafe with wifi which was located just  two doors away from our hotel.  See, even my two years old daughter enjoyed herself with the tablet PC. It is a world of technology!

These are fried bugs- grasshoppers, crickets, silk worms.

Those were fried bugs. If you are adventurous enough to try, you may get these little fried bugs at most night markets in Bangkok.

Alfred can't wait to take a bite of the frying grasshopper.

Alfred can't wait to try the fried grasshopper.

Alfred was eagerly giving it a try….the result? Mmmm…yummy! yummy! The fried grasshopper tasted like fried prawn with shells intact.  In fact Alfred loved it.

4th Day- MBK Mall & massage

Everyone knows Bangkok is a shopping paradise and my Bangkok trip wouldn’t  be complete without a spot of shopping. So on the morning of our fourth day we took a train to MBK mall. It was located just one street across from Siam Paragon. MBK disappointed me. Those things were not as cheap as I imagined. Couldn’t get many bargains. You may only get a 20% discount if you buy two or more items. To me, it was not a good place to shop unless I was earning US or UK $$$ :P. Most things could be found at the same price in most malls in Malaysia.

Bought these little colorful coin purses at 180 Baht for five pieces. My daughter loved them.

Speedy tailor! Tailor made your suit and pants within a day. Don’t worry about returning to the shop to collect. They will send it to the hotel for you. Be careful if you buy more then two sets, they may get the ready made ones for you instead of custom made. You must spare two days for them to complete just in case of mistakes in sewing. In my opinion, it is best that you try the final product in the shop instead of letting them send it to the hotel. My hubby bought one suit and four pants from this shop. They sent it without giving the two ties as they promised. Well, the cutting was fine and hubby was satisfied. The price was cheap, the boss was friendly.

Thai laksa

This delicious wrap (sorry, don't know what it called. It is Greek Food)

Thai spring rolls

We had our lunch at MBK food court 5th floor. Wide varieties. Thumbs up for the food.

MBK mall Bangkok

We had a long walk and everyone was tired out. That night, we went for massage. There were massage houses around our hotel. We went to the most decent one named ‘Lemon Grass’. I did a shoulder and back massage that cost 200 Baht for 30 minutes. My sis had her foot massage, 400 Baht for an hour. Alfred tried Thai massage, 400 Baht an hour. It was so good that Alfred returned to the same place the next day for a back and shoulder massage. It was so relaxing. Hubby missed it!!

5th Day- Free and easy at Pratunum and Center Point area.

This was the last day. I wanted more shopping. That morning we spent about half an hour searching for cheap shopping places in Bangkok through the internet. I found some blogs that said that Pratunum was the best place. You can get wholesale price here.

Isetan center point

In the cab...on the way to Center Point

Christmas deco outside Center Point

We took a cab to Center Point area. It was another high end place which i definitely say “no, no” for buying. As we walk out from Zen, there was a gentleman who gave us direction to Pratunum. Oh, it was just opposite  Center Point. Right away we walked over to Pratunum. Outside Pratunum was a big market (Pratunum market). I was so excited. I finally found what I was looking for. You can get nice and cheap clothing at Pratunum market. I got a few things in the open air market before we entered the Pratunum Mall.

We ended up buying three wallets and two leather belts in this shop at Pratunum Mall.

The friendly boss. Friends, print his face in your mind. Next time when you go there…ask him to give you a good discount. He he he…sorry boss, this is how I promote you :).

Looking for good quality shirts? This is the place where you can get shirts at 250 Baht for short sleeve and 300 Baht for long sleeve. More discounts if you buy more. The boss was very friendly and helpful. We spoted a Mickey mouse printed T-shirt but unfortunately the size didn’t fit Alfred. The boss offered to email  a copy of the Mickey Mouse graphic to us, so that we can get the same Mickey Mouse T-shirt printed ourselves back home.

Pratunum market Bangkok

Ribinson was where we had 2 dinners. It was only 15 minutes walking distance from our hotel.

That was my wonderful trip to Bangkok. We all such good time  there and everyone left Bangkok with a big smile. Bringing kids while travelling can be fun too as long as there is a well thought out plan.

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  1. I have been happy with Excelsior tailor in Bangkok. They do good work and does not give a ready made set for custom clothing.
    Mango tree is a great place for authentic thai cuisine.

    • Hi, thanks for sharing. By the way, where is the Mango Tree located?

  2. Your daughter seems to enjoy the trip, and coping well with the food and the new envi. how old is she?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. My daughter is three years old soon. Her daily meals are quite simple. Soup is a must for her. It is very easy to take her to travel now as she can eat most all the foods we eat except spicy foods.

  3. Recommended places
    Shopping- MBK,Siam Paragon,Siam square
    Cuisine: Tasty thai, Silom village
    Tailors : Tailor Pro Sukhumvit
    Amust visit : Grand palace, Chatuchak market,floating market

    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks for sharing the Bangkok travel tips here.

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