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My little daughter loves to help up in the kitchen when I prepared meal. She loves to cut (with child safe knife) and play with the little frying pan. it is amazing to see how much kids loves to imitate an adult’s action during thier growing period.

Lately I scheduled my weekend into some simple ‘kids cooking activities’ at home with her. Kids exploring cooking is a fun period that parents can actually prepare a small child safe cooking area with them.

kids cooking can be very easy and fun as long as there is a well preparation ahead. When kids having fun with cooking, they will create mess at the same time. Don’t worry parents, Your child will gain experiences and skills. Once they mastered the skills, you will find less mess they create.

My daughter Xuen added food coloring into the jelly. This activity is simple but the little one put so much attention and afford to do it.

My daughter Xuen added food coloring into the jelly. This activity is simple but the little one put so much concerntration and afford to do it.

Why we should start kids cooking activity?

1) Kids always learn from playing. Children gain various skills from cooking. For example, cutting required concentration and fine motor skills; eye hand coordination; besides, they also learn about the name of the vegetables, fruits,colors and so on.

2) Cooking with kids create good family time and bonding. Spending quality time with your kids create good memories.

3) Kids will be delighted to cook and create something by themselves. This helps to build the child’s confident.

4) Cooking activities encourage team work. Kids learn to work together with the parent or their siblings to get a job done.

5) Cooking encourage imagination and creativity. It is a good way to express themselves.

Be Safe in the Kitchen

There are some things in the kitchen which can be dangerous.  Make sure there will be an adult to assist the kids during the cooking session.



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  1. Yay, thanks for embracing kids in the kitchen. I think they can learn so much with food. Not sure what holidays you celebrate, if any, but can you share with me some of your traditions with your daughter? I’m trying to get some holiday food traditions started for my son!

    • Hello Briana,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment here. As a Malaysian Chinese, we celebrate many festivals throughout the year. Chinese New Year and Christmas are the two main celebration in my family. Can you tell me what kind of holiday food traditions you wish to do with your son. We can share our ideas here. Thank you.

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