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I love recycling old items into beautiful art crafts. Today, I recycled a small, soft teddy toy into a lovely party necklace.

My two year old daughter, who loves party accessories, was looking for something new to wear. I dug into my old toy box and found a small little teddy bear that hadn’t seen the light of day for a long time. I used:

a) a thin, pink ribbon as the base for the necklace. I cut it so that it was just the right length to fit around my daughter’s neck.
b) six tiny ribbon roses that I had lying around, after my last DIY project
c) one small teddy, to be the focus of the necklace
d) a hot glue gun, to stick on the various items onto the necklace

little teddy

little teddy


1) Stick the pink ribbon to the teddy with the hot glue gun.

2) Attach the roses to the pink ribbon, also using the hot glue gun.

3)This is the end result, a beautiful and unique DIY teddy necklace for my  daughter.

A lovely teddy necklace for kids party

A lovely teddy necklace for kids party

I showed the teddy necklace to my friends and they loved it too. Now they are even trying to make some for their children from things lying around their toy chests.


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