Garlic oil stop running nose

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My two year old daughter, like many toddlers, frequently has a running nose. To stop her running nose, I have had to frequently go to the clinic for some medicine. However, the medicine seems to temporarily stop her running nose. It doesn’t seem to cure it. One day, her doctor asked me to supplement her diet with garlic oil pills.

Why garlic oil? According to her doctor, and my research over the internet, garlic oil helps enhance the body’s immune cell activity and fight off colds. This is in-line with my desire to build her immune system and not just stop her running nose.


Being the naturalist that I am, I prepared fresh, natural garlic oil for my daughter daily. It is actually a very simple thing to prepare. The steps are as below:

Smash a small piece of fresh garlic into one (1) tablespoon of edible oil.
Leave it for five (5) minutes so that the garlic infuses the oil with its essence.
Drop and mix one to two drops of the oil into her meal.
Never cook the mixture because the heat may destroy the garlic’s goodness.

These few drops of garlic oil in each meal have been enough to reduce my daughter’s running nose. She doesn’t even realize that she is taking the garlic oil. These few drops are not pungent enough to register on her taste buds.


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