DIY tote bag

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DIY Tote bag
By Erica Sam

This tote bag is one of my DIY projects. It came about because I had many baby singlets / shirts that my daughter quickly outgrew. Rather than throw them away, I turned them into something useful. Tote bags from these soft shirts are cute and soft to touch.

I frequently use this bag to store small items: purse, bottle of water, handkerchief, packet of tissue, packet of cookies, etc. The tote bag is suitable to use when I go window shopping, marketing, etc , and I have to bring along these necessary things for my daughter. My daughter also loves to use the tote bag to carry her dolls, toys and coloring sets.

1) In the picture below, I had chosen a spaghetti strap shirt as material for the bag.

baby singlet

2) I turned it on its side and sew the bottom close to form the base of the bag.


3) Then, I sew the 2 corners as shown so that the bag has an expansion base to open up as you fill it up.

sew left and right corners

sew left and right corners

4) Lastly, I add a small decoration in front  t make it more presentable.

doe totebag


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