Chrysanthemum flower and Wolfberry tea

April 20, 2009 at 8:28 am | Posted in Uncatogorized | 1 Comment

Relieve body heat with Chrysanthemum flower and wolf berry tea
By Erica Sam

Lately, the weather has been very hot and dry. To keep my family cool and hydrated, I needed a cheap and easy-to-prepare herbal, cooling drink.
Below is a simple Chinese herbal remedy- Chrysanthemum tea – which was passed on from my grandma.

There are 2 types of chrysanthemum flower: white and yellow chrysanthemums. The white is used to relief itchy and dry eyes while the yellow helps to relief bodily heat. Below is a picture of yellow blossoms.


I drink it almost daily cos it helps me avoid mouth ulcers and dry sore throat, due to sudden change in weather or lack of sleep. This is how I brew my tea:

put a few blossoms in a cup
pour in boiling water to extract the goodness
leave it for a few minutes

Sometimes, I add ice for that chill factor


The red things in the tea are wolf berries. They add a sweetness to the tea.

I drink it as often as I like. Usually I make a big pot and store in a flask so that the whole family has a constant supply the whole day.

I give it to my whole family, from the youngest (2 years old) to the eldest (76 years old). Even my grandma, who is in her late 80s drinks this regularly.


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