How to make children to write

March 25, 2009 at 2:27 pm | Posted in Preschool plays, Uncatogorized | Leave a comment

Today, I received an email from an old friend. Her 3 year old son, Jeremy, resists writing exercises. She wanted my advice since I once taught Montessori in pre-school for 5 years.

Now, Jeremy was a good kid. He had started pre-school last month and adjusted quite well even on his 1st day. But his teachers kept complaining that he did not join the other kids in their writing exercises. They told her that he wasn’t interested in holding a pencil to write.

What to do? she asked.

My solution was very simple … one that I applied everyday while I was teaching. Give Jeremy a fun learning environment. Something that he looks forward to. I suggested that she provide him color pencils, instead of black pencils.


Color pencils are soooo much more fun to a child. They attract the eye, and are something a child admires. They prefer colors to basic black & white.

Some pre-schools try to maintain the use of pencils because:
a) they are cheap
b) easy to rub off
c) they represent a standard stationary that every child has … no fighting for a “nicer” pencil

However, these pre-schools forget that children need to be stimulated to start learning. If you force a child, they will consider it a chore. then they will resent “learning” even more.

Additional thoughts:
Don’t discourage the child by giving negative comments.
Praise them even if the only manage to write a few letters.
Make it a habit to finish work before play and start writing after nap time.
Show encouragement and your participation by drawing small stars next to their work.


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