DIY Birthday Cake

March 20, 2009 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Kids activities, Kids cooking, Kids foods, Uncatogorized | 1 Comment

We had just returned from Gold Coast, Australia the day before. Everyone was still jet lagged. However, it was my daughter’s 2nd birthday and nobody wanted to miss the event. I was too tired to bake a cake, so I asked my husband to run down to the nearest cake shop. All he could find were adult oriented flavors such royal chocolate or cappuccino. Then, inspiration struck … why not load the cake with fresh fruit. So, he picked up a chocolate cake and a box of fresh strawberries.


I packed the top of the cake with loads of strawberries.


The kids never even touched the cake.

In the end, both adults and kids had a great treat.

If you don’t know how to bake a great birthday cake, or know where to find one that suits everybody, why not improvise. Find a cake that suits the majority, then add toppings that the minority loves. This way, everyone is satisfied.

Variations to the recipe:
Fruits, nuts, chocolate rice, marshmallows, smarties and M&M make wonderful alternative toppings that children love. Try not to put very small, hard toppings that can choke babies.


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  1. We always think kids only like chocolate, cookies and sweet stuff. But they can surprise us all, and go for healthy alternatives like fruits and fresh juice (not watered down, artificially flavored juice in the box)

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