Valentine’s gift for everyone

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Valentine’s day is not only for lovers but for everyone as long as there is love in your heart.  Express your love to people around you on this special day. You do not have to present an expensive gift to show your love. Every little thing that comes from the heart will mean a lot to your recipient. I have prepared a few simple and unique DIY gifts and lovely gift boxes for people I love on this Valentine’s day.

Here are a few sweet gifts that I had prepared for my family and friends this Valentine’s day. You can prepare as many as you wish as they are very affordable 😛

Heartiest tea for everyone!


Make a warm cup of tea for someone you love.  I replaced the tea label with a tiny heart shape card.  I will serve one each to my family members to say how much they warm my heart.

A bottle of Love

I created this gift for my colleagues on the previous Valentine’s day. There were about fifteen persons in our department, including the tea lady. I bought each a bottle of mineral water. In it was just plain, store bought mineral water. However, I had removed the bottle label and replaced it with one of my own (see the photos below).



I put one on everyone’s desk, just before they stepped into the office. It cheered everyone up. Even my boss appreciated this little idea.  The gift might be small but the giving heart was big.Don’t you think it was sweet?

Lovely gift boxes

Fabric wrapper

I have a lot of extra fabric in my home. Most of it come with lovely patterns but were not very large pieces, definitely not large enough to sew into anything useful. So I decided to use them as gift wraps instead of the usual wrapping paper.  I like this idea cos its sooooo unique!


Firstly, I made sure that the fabric to be used could cover the gift properly. Then, I wrapped up the entire gift box. Using pins, I pinned up the corners and made sure that it did not unwrap itself.  ( Pins are sharp and gifts using pins should not be presented to children).

Next, I tied a ribbon bow on the gift box.


A fabric wrapper gift box

Beautify a simple gift box


Sometimes, you may not have the correct material to wrap a gift. It is fine to go wrapper free. What you could do is decorate the box that holds the gift with tiny ribbon roses or little accessories. These little things can be added onto a plain gift box.  It is so fast, neat  and beautiful.


The above picture shows how you can stick tiny flowers onto a plain red box. If you hate to do wrapping, this is simple and nice!  You can get this type of plain gift box from gift shops.


Above is a picture of an unwanted box that I had recycled into a lovely gift box. On it, I stuck some small, little accessories.

Kids love it!

Here is something simple and sweet.



Plain brown gift box, golden ribbon and a little bear makes a complete and lovely gift box. I love this the best.

I hope my ideas help give you some  inspiration this Valentine’s day. With regards to the best gift to put into the boxes … I am sure you know whats best 🙂 . Let me secretly tell you, the best gift of all is a warm hug and a sweet kiss from those I love dearest.


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