CD case crafts. Simply beautiful!

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In our Chinese tradition, year end is the season of cleaning up and decorate house to prepare for the Chinese New Year celebration.  Yesterday when i helped my husband to cleaning up his office,  I found a box of empty CD cases which were about to be discarded. I knew i can recycle it and turn it into something.  So i kept it aside. This morning, my old friend Elise asked me to help her to decorate her baby’s room. I had made use of the CD case and turned it into a lovely photo frame. We then put it on the wall as part of the decorative item.

CD case crafts

A Lovely photo frame

CD case can be recycled and turned it into a lovely photo frame.


Birthday gift

Create a birthday poem for someone’s birthday. Keep the poem into the CD case as shown in photo below.  You can make a simple stand at the back of the CD case so that the receiver can display it on the working table.


Message sign

Make your own message sign with CD case. I had made this ‘No Smoking’ message to use in my husband’s office.


Table Calender

I received many pocket calender cards. I turned it into a table calender by placing the little calender card into the CD case.It can be displayed on the table or putting it on the wall.  I had  given a few to my friends as gift. Some of my friends even decorated it with nice stickers around it. It is fun to recycle.  Hope you will like my ideas!



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