Greens for Christmas

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I love December. It is a season of joy, giving and sharing. This year I’m thinking of a green Christmas, of beautiful flowers and sweet herbal aromas as lovely Christmas gifts. I’ve had a look around and found some old household items that can re-touched to be wonderful green gifts for all to enjoy.

Project : Seed Packet Gift

Purpose: Give a “do-it-yourself” small planter pot

Material : seed packet, flower pot, stick, tape, ribbon or string.

Seed packet in flower pot.
Seed packet with flower pot.

I always loved planting things and I loved to share this joy with my friends. One day, I saw this cute little flower pot, the size of a coffee mug and said to myself “why not plant something inside that?” So I went about creating a “do-it-yourself” planter box gift. I decided to give it to a seven years old Samantha as a gift. Samantha had just learned planting in her holiday camp and she had so much fun. This little plant will keep on living both in memory and on her window sill. This is what I did:

Stuck a packet of seed on a stick using some sticky tape.

Provide the planting instructions on the reverse side of the packet. I’ve attached the flower sample on the stick.

Decorated the stick with a string or ribbon.

Then put the stick in the pot.

All done!

I hope she likes it.

Project:  A little pot with tiny lovely flower.

Material: Small flower pot with flowers and Christmas card.

A pot of tiny flowers. Lovely!

A pot of tiny flowers. Lovely!

A little pot of plant with tiny flowers will make an ideal gift. Choose a plant that can be kept indoor. It can be placed on the office table, in the bedroom or by the window.

Why not recycle?  Use old household items as flower pot. It can be very decorative! Here are my ideas of  flower pots from recycled old pieces found in my house.

Classic flower pot.

Classic flower pot.

Old pewter vase.

Old pewter vase.

Old metal cup with tiny flowers.

Old metal cup with tiny flowers.

Old tea pot can be a unique flower pot.

Old tea pot can be a unique flower pot.

Metal jar flower vase looks.

Metal jug flower vase looks neat and elegant.

Project : Dried rosebuds and tea leaf gift pack

Purpose: For a nice cup of aromatic tea

Material: Dried rose bud, tea leaves, two empty jar, one basket and one Christmas greeting card (mini).

Dried rosebuds and tea leaf balls.

Dried rosebuds and tea leaf balls.

What a lovely gift!

What a lovely gift!

I just love drinking tea. One day I thought why don’t I pack some for a friend and turn it into a gift for Christmas. I looked around and found 2 small empty jars (baby food jars), an old wooden basket (got it from some cosmetic promotion) and dried rosebuds and tea leaves from the local tea shop.

I packed the rosebuds into 1 jar and the tea leaves into another … just to make it look more presentable. Put an inlay of checkered cloth into the basket as a background for the jars … then placed the jars on top. Next, I tied a simple greeting card to my recipient and voila … a lovely “store bought” tea set for  friend. 😛

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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