Free and easy trip with baby in Hong Kong

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Holiday with little one can be easy as long as there is a well preparation ahead. My husband and I love to go for traveling. Since our little girl was born last year, we have not been traveling far but short local trip. Now our daughter  is steady enough to travel on the plane. We took a short trip to Hong kong. Everything was going well and we all had a wonderful time.

Let me share my traveling preparation and information with you:

On The Plane

* Traveling in the plane for hours can be bored for a baby. We booked the mid night flight so that the baby can sleep in the plane.

* Every baby has his favorite pillow or soft material to sleep with. i won’t miss my baby’s pillow when we go for traveling. Her own pillow that smells like home helps to calm her and so she can rest better.

* Take-offs and landings can be painful for little ears. We prepared milk and sweet to prevent    her ear pain.

* Snacks and entertainment can keep the kid busy. I packed my baby’s favorite raisins, rice cracker and packet milk for her to snack. Entertainment included new toy, mini books, crayon and paper. She did not need those stuff as she slept in the plane.

Hotel Booking

Generally, staying in Hong Kong is quite costly. According to my research, the rate of the hotels with good location are started at around HKD800 for basic double room. You can get cheaper rate through internet booking during the off peak season.

* Since our first destination was to visit relatives in Shatin. We booked Regal riverside Hotel in Shatin.  The hotel room rate was around HKD700 cause Shatin is mainly a residential areas. The room is huge. We were arranged to a room with a super king size bed. If you have a baby under two years old, you can request for a baby cot. Some hotels provide baby cot for free.

* On the third day of our trip, we shifted our hotel from Shatin to Kowloon which is located in town center. We moved to Royal Pacific Hotel. The room is much smaller than the previous hotel in Shatin. It was still fine to fit us two adults and a baby. If you have an older kid or more than one kids, then i will say that the room does not fit. Overall, this hotel is very convenient for us to move around. There are a few shopping malls, shops, boutique, food stalls and coffee shops around this area.

* It is very important to check the location of the hotel. Our hotel is very close to MTR station. Hotel located far from public transportations will bring inconvenient later. To check the location of the destination. I find Goole maps is very helpful . Just type in your destination and you will see the surrounding of the area from the map.

* There are many guest houses in Hong Kong which cost about HKD550 and above. I personally think it is not suitable for family with kids. It is more for backpacker. You can check for further detail about guest house from the internet.

Regal Riverside Hotel. Shatin.

Regal Riverside Hotel. Shatin.

Baby Foods

My daughter is quite fussy about foods. So i had go a little bit more to prepare to ensure her to eat well even when she is away from home.  I brought a mini slow cooker from home, her usual foods such as rice mixed millet, lentils, salt and sugar were packed just enough for the trip. What i did was, i cooked the foods like how i did at home. Cooked the rice mixed millet and a bit of lentils together, a pinch of salt to make it tasty. Lentils are a good source of protein while millet is rich in B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. I woke up at 7am and cook it for in the slow cooker for two hours.  After that, i kept the rice into a thermos cup so that she can eat with us wherever we went for our meal. Yes, she took other foods like bun, cake, fruit and dim sum. It can be easily getting any where.

Baby foods.

Baby foods.

Traveling With Baby

* Plan ahead the goal for your trip. We prepared our daily schedule like:

a) Where to visit / what to do daily, what time to leave the hotel and so on.

b) How to get to the destination? By MTR, bus or cab? Plan your public transport by getting  the MTR and bus route information.

c)  If you are going to Hong Kong, get an Octopus Card to pay for MTR, buses (except taxi and  certain mini buses) and some retailers who accept this card too. It is very convenient. please check further detail at

d)  My baby can sleep anywhere whenever she wants to sleep. I brought along the ERGO baby carrier. This carrier had made my trip easy. It is foldable, washable and light to be carried in the bag. I carried my baby in front, back and side by using ERGO carrier. My baby can even sleep in it. It is cool! Check it out at

Carry baby front with ERGO

Carry baby front with ERGO

baby-carrier-back1 We all had a great time and we are planning for next trip. See you!

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