Lovely Lacey Party Dress

October 25, 2008 at 8:45 am | Posted in Uncatogorized | 1 Comment
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I found this simple white and pink flowery dress and i decided to wear it on my brother’s wedding. It is a semi formal dress so i am going to wear it during the afternoon event. My friend Liz commented that the dress looks casual. In order to add some spark to this dress, i had added a thick lace at the bottom of the dress. i selected two types of one inch lace then i sewed them together to make it into a two inches lace.

You can get this type of laces from sewing shops. I bought three meters of each lace but I only used about two and a half meters on my dress. The Plain white color is actually an organza ribbon.  You can play mix and match with ribbon and lace to match to your dress color.

I bought these materials from one of the shop in Sg.Besi. It is opposite the Sg.Besi market. As i know there are two shops which sell sewing and craft materials. These shops look like florist (Fake flowers were displayed in front of the shops). Inside the shop you will see the various of laces. Friends, if we share the same hobby, then i am sure you will be attracted by the wide range of laces.

Here is a little information to share with you: Sg.Besi is located in KL, Malaysia. My friends told me there are more sewing craft shops around Masjid India area. More variety and reasonable price. Check it out!

Sew two laces. Join them into a thick lace.
Sew to join the two laces together.
Sew the lace at the bottom edge of the dress.
Sew the lace at the bottom edge of the dress.

A lovely party dress.


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  1. it’s lovely indeed! 🙂 🙂

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